Promonet launches new multimedia book

This new book will be available for sale on the Amazon platform at an affordable price.

In the launch event at a local bookstore, we could interview its author Mr. Ruiz and he tell us : “Our main purpose is to continue strengthening the knowledge of readers. Therefore, we decided to edit this electronic book for all those people who see in multimedia production a hobby, a dream, a profession or a career in life. And as the audiovisual production has not stopped evolving, to improve and to surprise the audiences formed by millions of spectators anxious to inform themselves, entertain themselves and transorb ways of life; this book has several chapters that illustrate, defining and explaining many of the concepts and procedures that are necessary to work within the television and audiovisual industry, without leaving behind those primal media that were giving form and character to what today we call multimedia. You can start your own multimedia projects, or even manage a medium company as your own business.”

Bearded men and formal style


They are places dedicated to the service of haircut and beard exclusive for men and short style for women, which still remain in some countries of the Mediterranean and Latin America where it has not yet been replaced by the unisex beauty salons.
vThe name of barber ‘comes from the treatment to the growth of the beard that from the old was made, and is the person in charge of the barber to shave, cut and condition the hair of the customers. A barber today must have a lot of manual precision and count on artist qualities to apply the diverse levels of court so that it obtains an excellent result and the expectations of its clientele, that it usually becomes frequent.
Among the functions performed by a barber or hairdresser are:
• Give daily maintenance to keep the razors in good condition, this means free of hair and oiled.
• Avoid reusing the disposable razors of those that are reusable as those of European import.
• You must have several combs and scissors to sterilize them permanently in primary grade alcohol, with a minimal dissolution, and antiseptic such as isopropanol.

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