Reviewing social networks we can see the photos and videos of profiles of experienced trainers who are true tests of the latest commercial formulas of anabolic high level. They are not entirely a photo, but assembly patents developed by international laboratories. This movement goes beyond conventional startup parameters century when lovers competitive bodybuilding displayed their bodies with more realistic results discipline “body building” or building muscle mass, is now up to an extreme level where contour measures biceps and thighs fall into the monstrous and disproportionate to what until now consider normal. Study for better classify then the conditions and … Continue reading HULK LEVEL: THE NEW EXTREME FITNESS


Nervousness is defined as a temporary state of nervous excitement, and with anxiety and stress are treated with anti-anxiety drugs such as tranquilizers. Stress in adults manifests itself in psychosomatic manner as the chemical or emotional process can lead to a state of physical involvement. A clear example is when concerns household interfere with the usual job performance, or when the end of the week you want a break from work overload with back pain or lower back and neck, having to meet schedules adequate rest . The lipemaniacos are those people, young children, who suffer the lipemanía, a melancholy … Continue reading PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL STRESS


Interestingly when we talk about medicine you need to know the correct cooking an infusion, which is very different from the decoction and the reduction process. In an infusion it tends to keep in less time properties young plant parts such as leaves, flowers and even seeds. It can be 3 minutes and should not exceed 5 minutes. Similarly, in the therapy of vapor, the vapor emitted from the container after removing it from the fire, is to be inhaled. Which is for nasal congestion is placed on a table and the sick person with his head covered with a … Continue reading TEA AND MEDICAL MISTS