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METABOLIC EFFECTS: The high cholesterol content of beef is harmful to everyone, mainly in the adult stage. Avoiding this does not mean that the rich ones should be left aside, like burgers. Dehydrated soy protein offers the possibility of
replacing meat. Here is our recipe!


1 Packet of Dehydrated Soy Protein

1 egg

20 grams of chopped spinach, parsley and tomato

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 pinch of salt

1 cup of warm water

Cup of sunflower oil or optional

Cup of wheat flour, corn or optional

4 Breads for hamburger

Mustard and honey dressing or optional.

PROCEDURE: In a bowl, the soy protein cubes are placed with the warm water and allowed to stand while hydrating
enough for 2 hours.
Excess water remaining is removed and seasoned with spinach, parsley, tomato, salt and pepper.
Pepper. Dehydrated protein balls are formed that remain firm.
Beat the egg and use it to soak the dehydrated protein balls and then dust them with the flour.
Warm the oil in a frying pan and fry the protein balls to add to the bread and the mustard dressing with honey and
to serve. Makes 4 burgers (4 cups package).
Drink two cups daily for one (1) day.

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Blood is a liquid substance that circulates through the arteries and veins of the body. Its color is bright red or Scarlet when it has been oxygenated in the lungs and passes to the arteries where it acquires a bluish tonality when it has given up its oxygen to nourish the body’s tissues. This vital liquid is formed by plasma, a Yellowish substance in which millions of cells account for about 45% of the Volume of whole blood. A large part of the plasma is water, which
facilitates the circulation of many factors Indispensable that form the blood. In the healthy adult the blood volume is one-eleventh of the weight Body, from 4.5 to 6 liters. One cubic millimeter of human blood contains about five million corpuscles or White blood cells called leukocytes, and between 200 and 300 thousand platelets called thrombocytes.  The Which also carry many salts and dissolved organic substances.

Plasma is a complex substance that contains small amounts of plasma proteins, substances Inorganic compounds such as sodium, potassium, calcium chloride, carbonate and bicarbonate, as well as sugars, hormones, enzymes, lipids, amino acids and degradation products such as urea and creatinine. Between their plasma proteins albumin, the main agent responsible for the maintenance of blood osmotic pressure, and consequently helps in its diffusion through the blood walls.

Hemoglobin is a protein of red blood cells, it is the most important special blood pigment and Its function is the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the body’s cells. Meanwhile, we remind you that Volume 4 of the revolutionary
diet plan “12 DIETS OF PLENITUDE” provides us with a circulatory diet that with greater detail and recommendations the fulfillment of a process of natural prevention through the feeding.

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