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The Theater

The idea of ​​a director who interprets the text
Multimedia production, as we know it today, is due to the evolution and contribution of many literary genres, but mainly it has been the theater. Naturalism is responsible to a large extent for the appearance of the figure of the modern theatrical director. Although all the theatrical productions throughout history were organized and unified by an individual, the idea of ​​a director who interprets the text, creates a style of action, suggests sets and costumes and gives cohesion to production, is something modern. For a long time, in the history of theater, the role of the director was assumed by the author of the work. In the eighteenth century and part of the nineteenth, the director was often the main actor of the company, the actor-manager. The growing dependence on technical issues, special effects, the desire for historical precision, the appearance of authors who were not directly involved in production and the convenience of interpreting psychological aspects of the character, created the need for a director.



Digital Multimedia and devices

Multimedia is considered as the way to present information

From the stone age to computer science, many centuries have passed. If we had continued using the stone, we would not have provided ourselves with the perfection that we demand when carrying out our tasks, as was achieved with the precise materials that make up a microchip, such as silicon. Multimedia is considered as the way to present information that uses a combination of text, sound, images, animation and video. Depending on the device in which the multimedia is played, this can be a desktop PC, a tablet, a laptop, or mobile or cellular device.


Promonet launches new multimedia book

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In the launch event at a local bookstore, we could interview its author Mr. Ruiz and he tell us : “Our main purpose is to continue strengthening the knowledge of readers. Therefore, we decided to edit this electronic book for all those people who see in multimedia production a hobby, a dream, a profession or a career in life. And as the audiovisual production has not stopped evolving, to improve and to surprise the audiences formed by millions of spectators anxious to inform themselves, entertain themselves and transorb ways of life; this book has several chapters that illustrate, defining and explaining many of the concepts and procedures that are necessary to work within the television and audiovisual industry, without leaving behind those primal media that were giving form and character to what today we call multimedia. You can start your own multimedia projects, or even manage a medium company as your own business.”