Beauty Parlor and esthetic

There are also other variations of the type of business where you combine a beauty salon with a spa

It is a commercial establishment dedicated to offer various cosmetic treatments for ladies mainly and others similar for gentlemen. Among these are:

• Cut

• Tint

• Hairstyle

• Makeup

• Hair extensions, wigs and product sales.

The oldest reference we have about the existence of cosmetic hair care refers us to Egypt, where they began to make the most significant changes in terms of hair cosmetics. In that nation so culturally great, the town -as it happened in many others- was peeling its head, although not so priests and members of the ruling elite, who was dedicated to taking care of their hair playing with different hairstyles and tonalities. The wigs also had their peak, and traditional straight hair predominated, with bangs, cut very even in a length that reached the shoulders. But another great contribution of the Egyptians was in as to the color, since they discovered the usefulness of henna, which allowed them to obtain reddish colors and mahogany.

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Esthetic and beauty


The aesthetic traces several levels of measurement of the attributes of human beauty that range from the simplicity of the pretty, the candor of the beautiful and in the highest concept the naturalness of the beautiful. Others maintain that the inner beauty of a person can be valued by the positive qualities that a person practices before other people that without overrating the physical as we regularly emphasize, make human values as the primary standard of social estimation and public recognition.
We recognize that the physical appearance, dress and manners of our behavior are signs of education or academic preparation, as well as social status, but physical attractiveness also arises if there is a difference between the beautiful and the sublime. On the one hand we find the inherent factors in the personality and experience of each person as the “Vanity” which is defined as a quality of conceit and presumption for what is shown or demonstrated. Parallel the sense of “personal taste” is differentiated in each individual or group of influence, among the evolution of social fashions, we can point out that submitting to the jury after preparing and instructing ourselves in the areas of communication, audiovisual media, modeling, advertising and other similar fields; It requires a prior process of adaptation to criticism by not falling into grace and dreaming of a goal for the sake of taste.
Another aspect of aesthetics that should not disturb or inhibit us at all times is the sense of belonging to a race, a term used to classify humanity according to physical and genetic characteristics. Historically, physical anthropologists had divided humanity, according to its morphological features, into three great subdivisions or races: Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasian. Some scientists went further by adding the Amerindian and the Oceanic. As a biological concept, the breed was more evident when the differences made reference to the morphological features, such as skin pigmentation, color, shape and thickness of the hair, the shape of the nose or body structure.

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Interestingly when we talk about medicine you need to know the correct cooking an infusion, which is very different from the decoction and the reduction process. In an infusion it tends to keep in less time properties young plant parts such as leaves, flowers and even seeds. It can be 3 minutes and should not exceed 5 minutes. Similarly, in the therapy of vapor, the vapor emitted from the container after removing it from the fire, is to be inhaled. Which is for nasal congestion is placed on a table and the sick person with his head covered with a towel to get the feel steam. Other vapors are made for hemorrhoids and intestinal problems and is throwing water and boiled, and warm the toilet, with the antiflatulent herbs and medicinal sitting naked while the vapors are received. They are recommended for people who work long sitting and do not carry a diet high in dietary fiber cereals.

In cases of problems and respiratory ailments such as the common cold, nasal congestion and cold is recommended to drink a cup of herbal tea with expectorant properties in combination with a lemon peel and sweeten with honey discomfort while supplies last. Citrus fruits help the lungs to release mucus secretions with defending themselves from bacteria and viruses that invade the respiratory tract, which in severe cases can lodge in the lungs causing physical prostration.

Of course in winter seasons or when rain is more epidemics such cases of health problems, by or recommended to take into account these preventive measures are presented. We remind that Volume 2 of revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us a diet that comprehensive respiratory recommendations in more detail and compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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