Self-help literature is still longer fashionable. The reasons are many, beginning with the need for many people to seek orientate in the “know how” to know how to make things better within a particular field of work for the improvement of tasks daily in which doubts are experienced. In the absence of loving and timely advice, professional advice or a simple teaching reading, we have become accustomed to paying attention to what others are doing and inadvertently imitate them at the powerlessness of not finding more options than we facilitate a style of living. Yes, I mean the stereotypes founded … Continue reading GOALS OF SELF-HELP


In the bone marrow of humans, the hardening process defined as bone ossification is completed in around 25 years age. Storing Calcium is essential for life, and to improve absorption is promoted by vitamin D contained in very few foods. Of these there are two types of solar vitamins D 2 or ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol D 3 or which you have an important role in human consumption, becoming Calcidiol in the liver, a substance that regulates the level of calcium in the blood flow. Together, the vitamin D involved in other as is the absorption of minerals such as magnesium … Continue reading IMPORTANCE OF OUR BONE DENSITY


One of the primary circulatory diseases in symptomatic pictures is hypertension is high blood pressure. Because the heart can propel into the large arteries a greater volume of blood than small arterioles and capillaries can absorb, resulting retrograde pressure is exerted against the arteries. Any condition that dilates blood vessels or contract, or affect their elasticity, or any disease that interferes with the pumping function of the heart, affects blood pressure. In healthy people, blood pressure ranges from 80/45 in infants, about 120/80 at age 30, and up to 140/85 at the age of 40 years. This increase occurs when … Continue reading FOOD HEALTH AND REDUCING BLOOD


Nervousness is defined as a temporary state of nervous excitement, and with anxiety and stress are treated with anti-anxiety drugs such as tranquilizers. Stress in adults manifests itself in psychosomatic manner as the chemical or emotional process can lead to a state of physical involvement. A clear example is when concerns household interfere with the usual job performance, or when the end of the week you want a break from work overload with back pain or lower back and neck, having to meet schedules adequate rest . The lipemaniacos are those people, young children, who suffer the lipemanía, a melancholy … Continue reading PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL STRESS


The conditions or diseases that are considered treatable by botanical medicine and traditional medicine, which originate from poor nutrition are many and we set out below. Among the most common autoimmune diseases are those caused by food allergies that cause itching or itching from skin that suffers from redness of the skin, tachycardia and even sudden diarrhea episodes. This group of diseases are caused by the foods we eat and its treatment is based on controlling one or more foods that have the allergen that triggers immediate symptoms. In the case of food allergies in general can come produced by … Continue reading READY FOR ANSWERS AUTOIMMUNE


The glands of the endocrine system have that function to complete in order to metabolize food through hormones. For example in the area of ​​the brain we found three of the eight endocrine glands are the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and the pineal gland. The pituitary gland, located in the cranial base bean-shaped pink and gray, is credited primarily the function of controlling the growth, and water balance in the body along with the kidneys. Meanwhile the hypothalamus is the organ sensory nerve terminals connected to the rest of the endocrine glands that serve the purpose of connecting erogenous, visceral … Continue reading HORMONE BODIES


Definitely is the process for the urinary system, which plays an important role in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance of the body. Here the bladder is filled and clear amber liquid to the point that the nerves send signals to the bladder to contract, forcing us to go to the bathroom to expel the urine out of the body through the urethra. Nephrons in the kidneys back into the bloodstream proteins, salts, glucose, calcium and other nutrients selected our meals, to maintain an adequate level of blood composition. The kidneys also secrete hormones that regulate … Continue reading KIDNEY AND URINE


Interestingly when we talk about medicine you need to know the correct cooking an infusion, which is very different from the decoction and the reduction process. In an infusion it tends to keep in less time properties young plant parts such as leaves, flowers and even seeds. It can be 3 minutes and should not exceed 5 minutes. Similarly, in the therapy of vapor, the vapor emitted from the container after removing it from the fire, is to be inhaled. Which is for nasal congestion is placed on a table and the sick person with his head covered with a … Continue reading TEA AND MEDICAL MISTS