Dressing style


The rules of labor, social and daily etiquette at the time of dressing apply similarly for both ladies and gentlemen, however to distinguish the informal, semi-informal style and the completely formal style, its scope of use in events, colors of most accepted use according to the complexion, the forms according to the body stature and when accessories should be used or not; they are compiled below exclusively.

• Informal style: It is the way that each one of us has to express our personal taste by means of the meticulous selection of each garment, it means comfort and freedom, but equally it has its limits in terms of the texture of the colored fabrics and the covering of the extremities. That is, we can group the “informality” as a style that does not keep the rules of decency, seriousness and punctuality such as sports style, clothes to be at home, and summer. When dressing to attend events, vacations or beach rides, only in this style is the color white, cream and colors so striking to neon allowed. Examples of types of casual clothing in women are sleeveless blouses, T-shirts, miniskirts, shorts and dresses with a simple cut at the knee that are accompanied by slippers or slippers, slippers or tennis shoes always low, sandals and hats or summer hats. In the case of men’s casual clothing we mention t-shirts, shorts, sports or mid-calf for camping or outdoor activities, these garments can be accompanied by caps, glasses and slippers or slippers, shoes or tennis.

• Casual or Semi formal style: It is a style that moves away from the breakdown of the informal and approaches a bit to the moderation of formality without reaching the extreme, which as a rule assumes the use of jackets, vests, bodices , jerks and jacos. You should avoid very loose clothing and very tight, as with the formal style. Prêt-à-porter is the system of manufacture and sale of fashion made in series, with different stipulated sizes. It is a French expression that means ‘ready to go’, often used in opposition to the classic haut couture or haute couture fashion system, where each garment was sewn to size in the workshop itself.

• Formal or label style: Although we are not supporters of capitalist doctrines, we must recognize the rigor of quality and price of the selection of formal clothing to dress when attending events of great social importance that is limited to urbanized areas. As far as sacks and trousers are concerned, the types of linen, cotton and silk fabrics are distinguished from synthetic cloth garments which, although they can be cheaper, are also more uncomfortable. We recommend dark blue or dark gray suits or suits, which are formal tones that translate into formality. The black tuxedo should be impeccable without fabric lint due to use or discoloration, it is not recommended to use the coffee as it is considered to be transmitting. The cut is usually always straight classic type, without creases.

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In Rome, Italy the Diocletian’s Bath was conserved that at the moment became the Church of Santa Maria of the Angels, was the place where the water was brought of the distant sources by means of aqueducts. To heat the interior of all the rooms, a series of ducts with hot water were used, located under the floors that were covered with decorative mosaics. The architectural layout of the Diocletian’s Therma is similar to that of the rest that are preserved throughout the Roman Empire. Around a central patio called a palestra, where you can practice exercise, you can find the apodyterium or wardrobe; the caldarium or alveus room or hot water pool, followed by the laconicum or steam bath, and the frigidarium or cold pool.

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