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Esthetic and beauty

Estheticians Guide to safe purchase paperback and ebook!.. Continue reading Esthetic and beauty



It is health through water, nowadays the use of the word “spa” is related to leisure and health establishments, where therapies are mainly used with water, by swimming pool, jacuzzi, hydromassages and saunas, medicinally they are called spas, also massages and treatments of tradition or cultural heritage are offered according to each region of the planet. Continue reading WORKING ON A BEAUTY SPA


The quality of purifying the toxins produced by catabolism, which is the step of purifying the humors of the body and blood mainly, is a the most important of which have known medicinal plants which stimulate and produce beneficial effects in humans. If the toxins are not eliminated, eventually they accumulate in the epidermis and rush to deficiencies in the functioning of organs such as the liver and intestines, and then serious diseases affecting the immune system and overload the work of the spleen. Fasting, urine sweating and body are essential to the fulfillment of a detoxification process. Fasting is … Continue reading CATABOLISM AND TOXINS


Is any of the sexual proclivities of each individual, male or female, always observe the natural behavior of each and every one, at different stages of development make us an identity and preferences actively implemented can bring different consequences. We do not speak of relations within the household, or early pregnancy nor the unwillingness; but the ability of emotional self. Puberty brings the discovery of the sensitivity in the erogenous zone and the onset of sexual orientation. One of the more extreme risks is the beginning of sexual activity without protection against the threat of sexually transmitted diseases. One of … Continue reading SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AND YOUR RISK