Among the forms of older therapies known to man are massage and somatotherapy. Its origins are in the East, but today it is widely used in the West. The oriental massage is designed to relieve tiredness, heaviness, stiff shoulders and headaches. It deals with the nerves, joints, muscles and the endocrine system.

Among the most important benefits of massage maneuvers are numerous effects such as the activation of important physical and biochemical reactions. Stimulates the metabolism with reactivation, general toning of the skin. The formation of keratin is stimulated with these thanks to the attention of the nutritional conditions and the elimination of cellular waste. It also promotes a better stimulation and oxygenation of tissues.
The most appropriate massage maneuvers are the following:
• Euflorage: It is the path of the body, consisting of slow movements and light frictions made with the palms of the hands, semi-flexed according to the part to be massaged. The contact must be felt with the entire palm of the esthetician’s hand.
• Friction: It consists in passing the open hand with the fingers together. On the surface to work we make a strong pressure, with energy to produce color in the area. Frictions can be done in different directions.
• Kneading: It is applicable to regions of muscle mass, aims to tighten the deep tissues. This maneuver favors the blood supply, improves the venous protection thus releasing the muscles of the deep tensions.




In the case of thin people we mention the cachexia that is a state of caloric and protein malnutrition due to a lack of nutrition where the body consumes its own reserves presenting the patient with asthenia or tiredness, facial thinness with marked cheekbones and skin folds, as well as loss of pigmentation of the skin. If the patient is in bed may develop skin ulcers, some renal insufficiency, Anemia and hypoalbuminemia and poor healing.

Anorexia nervosa is a disease characterized by intense fear of gaining weight by having an image distortion of the body
itself, called dysmorphia leading to a severe thinning due to a diet and usually occurs in adolescent women. It is estimated that between 5 and 18% of anorexics dies from malnutrition. If these symptoms are accompanied in the patient by a malicious provocation to vomit induced by the finger in the throat, abuse of laxatives or abuse of the exercise to control the weight, it is a bulimia.

Within this picture is myasthenia gravis, which is a chronic disease characterized by weakness progressive and fatigue of the voluntary muscles like jaw, lungs and legs. It is also distinguished by fall of the eyelids and occurs in adult maturity between 20 and 40 years. Meanwhile, we remind you that the Volume 4 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIET OF PLENITUDE” provides us with a muscular diet that expands With more details and recommendations, the fulfillment of a natural prevention process through the feeding.

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Reviewing social networks we can see the photos and videos of profiles of experienced trainers who are true tests of the latest commercial formulas of anabolic high level. They are not entirely a photo, but assembly patents developed by international laboratories. This movement goes beyond conventional startup parameters century when lovers competitive bodybuilding displayed their bodies with more realistic results discipline “body building” or building muscle mass, is now up to an extreme level where contour measures biceps and thighs fall into the monstrous and disproportionate to what until now consider normal.

Study for better classify then the conditions and characteristics of each of the physical complexions mentioned diseases. Most conditions and diseases of the muscular system are treatable through a balanced and optimal nutrition. Among the conditions of athletes, athletes and fitness enthusiasts we can classify three types of complexions or physical body that are leptosomatic, which represents the thinness individuals, male or female whose muscle mass is underweight or thin. In the second group are those with lean athletic muscle tone obtained by habit to fitness. In turn, the athletic morphology is classified in ectomorph who carry low muscle tone, mesomorphic who define a balanced and slender level and endomorph who by their bone structure carry a wider complexion in the torso. And the third type are obese, and are those who are clinically overweight above their recommended body mass for your health.

Hypovitaminosis is an evil that we lies to everyone for various reasons, such as food allergy, shortages of some food, maldistribution of them, problems in soils and crops due to disasters and inadequate maintenance of nutrients from cropland that due to high demand by growing populations, become a subject of government, and will be a subject we will in future entries. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 4 revolutionary dietary plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with one large muscle diet in more detail and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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