Acute leukemia is a form of leukemia that is often diagnosed in children and young adults. Their symptoms are irregular fevers, spontaneous bleeding from the gums, mucous membranes or under the skin and Anemia of rapid evolution. In recent years it has been shown that the combination of chemotherapies, radiation Ionizing and anticancer foods such as green leafy vegetables and fruits such as pineapple and Guanabana have helped to improve the cure rate between 50% and 90% of treated patients.

In the treatment of leukemias both chemotherapy and ionizing radiation are used. In leukemias Acute, these treatments have an apparent cure rate of about 50%, and 90% of patients They get a remission of three years or more. The current percentage of successful treatment of leukemias Chronic myelocytic disease is similar. A rare form of leukemia responds to treatment with interferon. Recently, research carried out in China has revealed the existence of a marker Mitochondrial cancer capable of announcing the onset of acute leukemia. If confirmed, it could be an important finding for the early treatment of the disease.

Leukemia is a disease that is also called cancer of the blood in which the tissues that produce the blood cells. It is characterized by the overproduction of immature and atypical cells of the white series Blood, which then pass into the vessels. White cells or leukocytes are produced in the bone marrow, spleen, Lymph nodes and other endothelial tissues. We remind you that volume 3 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS OF PLENITUDE” provides us with an immunological diet that expands with more details and recommendations the fulfillment of a process of natural prevention through the feeding.

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Urinary incontinence is as mentioned, a lack of voluntary control over urination or bowel movement. The urine contained in the bladder. When the bladder wall dilates, the central nervous system receives signs of receptors that
warn the brain when the bladder is full, but in the incontinence of spontaneous contractions inappropriate of the muscle responsible for the urinary retension. In males it may be produced by hypertrophies of the prostate that obstructs the flow of urine. In women it may be due to drugs. The changes that this urinary disorder causes in the lifestyle of young adults and elderly brings social isolation by the possible embarrassed being forced to move to a residence or institution.

Albuminuria is the loss through the urine of a water soluble protein called albumin, which is found in almost all the animal tissues like the egg and the vegetable in many plants. Normally this protein is not the pores that exist in the renal glomerulus membrane are too small to allow the excretion of the protein molecules. It produces a decrease of the plasma concentration of the same, resulting in fluid accumulation in the tissues. Among its causes accompanied by glomerulonephritis, it is a infection, side effect to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or onset of different neoplasms such as lymphomas or leukemias.

Hypoalbuminemia is the deficient activity of the adrenal glands for the absorption of albumin which produces an anemic condition in whoever suffers it. We recommend volume 2 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIET OF PLENITUDE “that provides us with a urinary diet that expands with more details and recommendations the compliance with a natural prevention process through food.

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When ingesting the foods of our meals we do not count the times that each snack or food bolus must be chewed or crushed by our teeth, but it is recommended that they be at least 32 times. In the human, in addition to chewing, the teeth are directly involved in the articulation of the language, acting as a point of support against which the tongue makes pressure to emit certain sounds. Teeth also affect the dimensions and the expression of the face, whose appearance may be unpleasantly modified by the loss of a tooth or any irregularity in its growth or coloration.

Maintain habits such as the preference of a diet of hard foods, such as nuts, chicken bones and hard candy can seriously affect our teeth, so it is necessary to avoid them. Digestion is the process of transformation and absorption of foods that are digested by mouth. It starts from the moment we eat food with chewing in the mouth, which would not be possible without the intervention of organs such as the tongue, secretion of saliva by the salivary glands and teeth.
The glottis is the opening that exists between the ropes to prevent food from entering the trachea. When swallowing, the bolus of food descends through the esophagus; which is a muscular duct located at the lower end of the laryngopharynx, and above the stomach forming a intragastric pressure produced by involuntary movements called peristalsis that controls the medulla brain. The esophagus has several layers and a length that varies between 23 and 25 centimeters. When passing to the stomach, the food is received by the secretion of the gastric juice, which is an acidic liquid that secrete certain glands of the stomach membrane containing pepsin.

I finished here, remenber Volume 2 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS OF PLENITUDE” provides us with a
digestive diet that with greater detail and recommendations the fulfillment of a process of natural prevention through the feeding.

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Is any of the sexual proclivities of each individual, male or female, always observe the natural behavior of each and every one, at different stages of development make us an identity and preferences actively implemented can bring different consequences. We do not speak of relations within the household, or early pregnancy nor the unwillingness; but the ability of emotional self. Puberty brings the discovery of the sensitivity in the erogenous zone and the onset of sexual orientation. One of the more extreme risks is the beginning of sexual activity without protection against the threat of sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases which are historical reports of its evolution is syphilis. It is believed that It originated in America and Europe since 1493 passed through the exchange between the worlds but manifest from more benign spirochetes that current. By 1905 he had already identified the germ, and by 1943 the use of penicillin was approved, until now, as its treatment more effective. The disease is characterized by three stages of symptoms to worsen among the first weeks after contact contagious and the next 30 years. In the primary, or first stage syphilis lesion it occurs in the glans. In the second stage are developed generalized rash as warts in the genital area and sores in the oral mucosa. From one month to three months symptoms resolve spontaneously.

The list of different bacteria and protozoa which are damaging capacez proper operation of chlamydial sexual
continuous with the apparatus, the chancroid, gonorrhea and others, will be the topics discussed in future entries. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 5 of the revolutionary plan dietary “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with that comprehensive sex diet with more details and recommendations comply with natural process prevention through food.

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In the bone marrow of humans, the hardening process defined as bone ossification is completed in around 25 years age. Storing Calcium is essential for life, and to improve absorption is promoted by vitamin D contained in very few
foods. Of these there are two types of solar vitamins D 2 or ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol D 3 or which you have
an important role in human consumption, becoming Calcidiol in the liver, a substance that regulates the level of calcium in the blood flow. Together, the vitamin D involved in other as is the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus.

It is in the soft core of bone, called bone marrow where the most useful blood cells and red blood cells are formed,
certain WBCs and platelets. Flexible bone joints are formed by cartilage tissue and joint part and zones bone growth. In addition currently considered to collagen as the most abundant protein in the egg white, generally it contains three very long polypeptide chains, each consisting of 1,000 amino acids in triple helix conferring tendons and skin their high tensile strength. The joint wear occurs when the collagen fibrils are denatured by heat, chains are shortened and become jelly.

The bone tissue is constantly renewed by the body through the complex interaction between calcium and phosphorus,with certain hormones, called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. However poor nutrition in the respective amino acids and hormones building parts some organs and glands, causing various diseases in the skeletal structure. Other conditions of this issue will be addressed in future tickets. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 4 revolutionary dietary plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with a bone diet wide in more detail and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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Passing the stomach, the bolus is received by the secretion of gastric juice, which is a liquid acid secreting certain glands of the stomach membrane containing pepsin. It is believed that mucosal surface of the stomach is stimulated naturally from the time when the smell of food or perceived by the naked eye. This bag-shaped body provides a hormone called gastrin, which originates from the bottom of the stomach called pyloric end. Contraction waves that originate in the central area of ​​the body, can occur with a frequency of three contractions per minute. However, overeating, excessive intake of harmful food, ie spicy, refined or spicy foods without prior regularization of the mucosa with daily inclusion of specific nutrients, in the case of stomach pepsin enzymes, resin and lipase, and the intestinal flora in the intestines case, could be the underlying cause of many sudden illnesses of the digestive tract.

Maintaining a balance gastric involves a combination of light foods that will not overload the digestive tract. There are many conditions, diseases and discomfort in the digestive tract. Among the most common is heartburn, gas, flatulence, as the lightest, and in severe cases heard ulcers, appendicitis and esophageal cancer. A special diet of cooked, free roasts, smoked and refried is important for the recovery of the patient who suffers. In addition to considering the inclusion and combination of various types of dietary fiber in cereals, nuts and peel some fruits are important to balance the gastric balance of any kind.

Volume 2 of revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUDE” provides us with a comprehensive digestive diet that more detail and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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