The price of a perfect smile

In this post we will discuss a very important issue for our oral health and are the care before and after a terrible toothache. Once your tooth extraction has been completed, your dentist should provide you with two sets of aftercare instructions. Continue reading The price of a perfect smile



In the bone marrow of humans, the hardening process defined as bone ossification is completed in around 25 years age. Storing Calcium is essential for life, and to improve absorption is promoted by vitamin D contained in very few foods. Of these there are two types of solar vitamins D 2 or ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol D 3 or which you have an important role in human consumption, becoming Calcidiol in the liver, a substance that regulates the level of calcium in the blood flow. Together, the vitamin D involved in other as is the absorption of minerals such as magnesium … Continue reading IMPORTANCE OF OUR BONE DENSITY