Self-help literature is still longer fashionable. The reasons are many, beginning with the need for many people to seek orientate in the “know how” to know how to make things better within a particular field of work for the improvement of tasks daily in which doubts are experienced. In the absence of loving and timely advice, professional advice or a simple teaching reading, we have become accustomed to paying attention to what others are doing and inadvertently imitate them at the powerlessness of not finding more options than we facilitate a style of living. Yes, I mean the stereotypes founded at the time of social pressure.

Study for better classify self-help literature as readers segments. Among women readers highlights topics oriented household management, children’s literature and romance novels. Among men for their leisure time stands non-fiction
in their various fields of study as architecture, law, sports, etc.

The Seven Habits of Fullness refer to automatic fixations of personality to form a specific behavior, but sometimes they can be people who are obsessive fixations people around us, absurd hobbies or drugs and this section of the chapter summarize accurately. The habits that relieve anxiety are rather emotional addictions. Integrate all habits that are required in our secret personal agenda life, to achieve the goal of fullness, is in the seven major groups habits. These always end up in one place, and
is one in that you say to yourself:

“My goal is to act and always strive to keep fully”.

The crux is to control ourselves, so this is always unstable outside, but we’ll find a way to channel this tension momentary or daily through actions that highlight our own and others’ welfare to what we ignore. Gathered all they represent emotional balance, physical well-being and personal success. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 6 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD “provides us with the wide habit-forming diet with more details and recommendations comply with prevention process practical through daily habits.

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The quality of purifying the toxins produced by catabolism, which is the step of purifying the humors of the body and blood mainly, is a the most important of which have known medicinal plants which stimulate and produce beneficial effects in humans. If the toxins are not eliminated, eventually they accumulate in the epidermis and rush to deficiencies in the functioning of organs such as the liver and intestines, and then serious diseases affecting the immune system and overload the work of the spleen. Fasting, urine sweating and body are essential to the fulfillment of a detoxification process.

Fasting is defined as abstinence in food consumption, mainly food, but also often drink, which extends for a longer period than usual. Fasting has been practiced for centuries in connection with religious ceremonies and rites. In his first demonstrations, fasting was one of the numerous rites in which physical activities were reduced and suspended, remaining in a state of comparable stillness, at the symbolic level, the death or the state which precedes birth.

The current practice does not prevent the consumption of small amounts of light and energy foods and drinks of liquefied vegetables in combination with fruit juices. Volume 5 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with the wide desintoxicativa diet further details and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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Is any of the sexual proclivities of each individual, male or female, always observe the natural behavior of each and every one, at different stages of development make us an identity and preferences actively implemented can bring different consequences. We do not speak of relations within the household, or early pregnancy nor the unwillingness; but the ability of emotional self. Puberty brings the discovery of the sensitivity in the erogenous zone and the onset of sexual orientation. One of the more extreme risks is the beginning of sexual activity without protection against the threat of sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases which are historical reports of its evolution is syphilis. It is believed that It originated in America and Europe since 1493 passed through the exchange between the worlds but manifest from more benign spirochetes that current. By 1905 he had already identified the germ, and by 1943 the use of penicillin was approved, until now, as its treatment more effective. The disease is characterized by three stages of symptoms to worsen among the first weeks after contact contagious and the next 30 years. In the primary, or first stage syphilis lesion it occurs in the glans. In the second stage are developed generalized rash as warts in the genital area and sores in the oral mucosa. From one month to three months symptoms resolve spontaneously.

The list of different bacteria and protozoa which are damaging capacez proper operation of chlamydial sexual
continuous with the apparatus, the chancroid, gonorrhea and others, will be the topics discussed in future entries. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 5 of the revolutionary plan dietary “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with that comprehensive sex diet with more details and recommendations comply with natural process prevention through food.

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In the bone marrow of humans, the hardening process defined as bone ossification is completed in around 25 years age. Storing Calcium is essential for life, and to improve absorption is promoted by vitamin D contained in very few
foods. Of these there are two types of solar vitamins D 2 or ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol D 3 or which you have
an important role in human consumption, becoming Calcidiol in the liver, a substance that regulates the level of calcium in the blood flow. Together, the vitamin D involved in other as is the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus.

It is in the soft core of bone, called bone marrow where the most useful blood cells and red blood cells are formed,
certain WBCs and platelets. Flexible bone joints are formed by cartilage tissue and joint part and zones bone growth. In addition currently considered to collagen as the most abundant protein in the egg white, generally it contains three very long polypeptide chains, each consisting of 1,000 amino acids in triple helix conferring tendons and skin their high tensile strength. The joint wear occurs when the collagen fibrils are denatured by heat, chains are shortened and become jelly.

The bone tissue is constantly renewed by the body through the complex interaction between calcium and phosphorus,with certain hormones, called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. However poor nutrition in the respective amino acids and hormones building parts some organs and glands, causing various diseases in the skeletal structure. Other conditions of this issue will be addressed in future tickets. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 4 revolutionary dietary plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with a bone diet wide in more detail and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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One of the primary circulatory diseases in symptomatic pictures is hypertension is high blood pressure. Because the heart can propel into the large arteries a greater volume of blood than small arterioles and capillaries can absorb, resulting retrograde pressure is exerted against the arteries. Any condition that dilates blood vessels or contract, or affect their elasticity, or any disease that interferes with the pumping function of the heart, affects blood pressure. In healthy people, blood pressure ranges from 80/45 in infants, about 120/80 at age 30, and up to 140/85 at the age of 40 years. This increase occurs when the arteries lose their elasticity, in young people absorb the momentum of heart and contraction varies among people, in the same individual at different times. Individuals with high blood pressure are more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack. The hypertension treatment reduces this risk and includes the use of diuretic herbs. Blood pressure tends to rise with age, is also often appears in the obese person, ie who have a diet high in salt and low in potassium, drink large amounts of alcohol, it has no physical activity and suffers psychological stress . Although it is clear that the tendency to hypertension can be inherited, largely unknown genetic factors responsible for it.

Meanwhile, the lowering foods can be summarized as those with two special biochemical properties and are low-caloric fat content not harmful to the circulatory flow and content in polyunsaturated fat or omega 3, 6 and 9. Between this type of food we found the fish fillet, part dark meat bluefish species like tuna, sardines and swordfish. Cooked vegetables take first place when calorie counting is concerned, are cucumber, romaine lettuce and eggplant.

The grapefruit is one of the best foods containing inositol an antioxidant B complex that improves circulation in the alcoholic individual, and will be a topic to be discussed in future entries. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 4 revolutionary dietary plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with the wide circulation diet with more details and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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Reviewing social networks we can see the photos and videos of profiles of experienced trainers who are true tests of the latest commercial formulas of anabolic high level. They are not entirely a photo, but assembly patents developed by international laboratories. This movement goes beyond conventional startup parameters century when lovers competitive bodybuilding displayed their bodies with more realistic results discipline “body building” or building muscle mass, is now up to an extreme level where contour measures biceps and thighs fall into the monstrous and disproportionate to what until now consider normal.

Study for better classify then the conditions and characteristics of each of the physical complexions mentioned diseases. Most conditions and diseases of the muscular system are treatable through a balanced and optimal nutrition. Among the conditions of athletes, athletes and fitness enthusiasts we can classify three types of complexions or physical body that are leptosomatic, which represents the thinness individuals, male or female whose muscle mass is underweight or thin. In the second group are those with lean athletic muscle tone obtained by habit to fitness. In turn, the athletic morphology is classified in ectomorph who carry low muscle tone, mesomorphic who define a balanced and slender level and endomorph who by their bone structure carry a wider complexion in the torso. And the third type are obese, and are those who are clinically overweight above their recommended body mass for your health.

Hypovitaminosis is an evil that we lies to everyone for various reasons, such as food allergy, shortages of some food, maldistribution of them, problems in soils and crops due to disasters and inadequate maintenance of nutrients from cropland that due to high demand by growing populations, become a subject of government, and will be a subject we will in future entries. Meanwhile, we remind you that the volume 4 revolutionary dietary plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with one large muscle diet in more detail and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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Nervousness is defined as a temporary state of nervous excitement, and with anxiety and stress are treated with anti-anxiety drugs such as tranquilizers. Stress in adults manifests itself in psychosomatic manner as the chemical or emotional process can lead to a state of physical involvement. A clear example is when concerns household interfere with the usual job performance, or when the end of the week you want a break from work overload with back pain or lower back and neck, having to meet schedules adequate rest .

The lipemaniacos are those people, young children, who suffer the lipemanía, a melancholy or monomania characterized by uncontrolled sadness, is similar to that suffered by children when they feel abandoned by their parents when left by their nannies . Hyperactivity is another nervous disorders of younger and is a disorder attention deficit and affects young children and is manifested by extreme levels of concern in their behavior, accompanied by difficulty or lack of concentration, intolerance frustration and often behavior problems. Treatment for certain medical claim that a diet free of additives, such as medicines, is able to improve the clinical picture of these patients, in addition to including the aromatic oils in the hair. Another recommendation is done is to modify the methodology of learning in their classrooms. However, this theory has not been scientifically confirmed in the field of psychology as it does in other diseases. Patients taking drugs MAO inhibitors (MAOI) in the bloodstream must carry a liquor-free diet, as beer and wine, cheese and chicken liver.

One of those characterized by feelings of worthlessness, guilt, sadness, helplessness and deep despair, mental disorders is depression. It is the most common mental disorders and affects both men and women. The life cycles of adolescence and the arrival of the stage of adult age are undoubtedly the most critical periods presented. Finally we offer volume 3 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” that provides us with an extensive nervous that diet in more detail and recommendations for the implementation of a process of natural prevention through food.

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The conditions or diseases that are considered treatable by botanical medicine and traditional medicine, which originate from poor nutrition are many and we set out below. Among the most common autoimmune diseases are those caused by food allergies that cause itching or itching from skin that suffers from redness of the skin, tachycardia and even sudden diarrhea episodes. This group of diseases are caused by the foods we eat and its treatment is based on controlling one or more foods that have the allergen that triggers immediate symptoms. In the case of food allergies in general can come produced by canned foods, seafood, some sausages, pork, noodles and some nuts such as peanuts or peanuts.

Similarly it happens to infants and adults with lactumen, disease characterized by allergy or metabolic reaction to the intake of milk with lactose, which is already controlled by specific brands of products manufactured products visibly labeled with the indication: Without lactose. Another group of patients who have already offered a range of specially processed for treatment of their disease products are celiac or allergic to gluten, which is a nutrient found in wheat, rye, legumes and foods made with flour processed. These patients were preparing a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and gluten-free foods and eating these foods can directly cause them terrible diarrhea episodes as the case of allergic lacto. Finally we found Phenylketonuric who basically should avoid sweets as powdered soft drinks, chewing gum and sweeteners containing artificial amino acid phenylalanine acting against its own cells, producing similar reactions to those mentioned in the person who consumes . Treatments prescribed by a medical antihistamines are timely as there are only 25 plants with this property and are of European origin.

Sweating is important for natural elimination of body toxins through the skin and through physical exercise, but when we remain in work areas or performing work abroad can avoid bad humoral odor in the armpits, or body through the frequent intake of tea herbs like cinnamon, vanilla and pepper on the meat, and the use of scented talcum powder, perfumes and body moisturizers. We remind that the volume 3 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with that broad immune diet in more detail and recommendations compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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The glands of the endocrine system have that function to complete in order to metabolize food through hormones. For example in the area of ​​the brain we found three of the eight endocrine glands are the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and the pineal gland. The pituitary gland, located in the cranial base bean-shaped pink and gray, is credited primarily the function of controlling the growth, and water balance in the body along with the kidneys. Meanwhile the hypothalamus is the organ sensory nerve terminals connected to the rest of the endocrine glands that serve the purpose of connecting erogenous, visceral and sensory connections to the limbic system receiving signals and launching pulses in response. And the pineal gland, which in humans is considered to be connected sensitively to the muscle of the eye and also relates to the isolation of methionine hormone, which in turn is associated with the functioning of the adrenal glands, sex and motivation dream.

The adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, have an inner part called the medulla that is responsible for secreting adrenaline and noradrenaline in times of emergency or stress. The outer portion called the cortex is responsible for producing a large number of hormones to regulate muscle function through steroid substances such as cortisol metabolizing proteins, and other such as aldosterone, and catecholamines that regulate hydrates and salts.

In the case of thyroid glands known many years the addition of iodine to table salt that achieved impair the appearance of goitre in the world does. Hyperthyroidism is one of the conditions of this area of ​​the neck or trachea derived from destruction and fall of the production of thyroid cells, such as parathyroid hormone and thyroxine in blood flow. Thyroiditis is another set of autoimmune inflammatory reactions may be accompanied by naturopathic treatment. It refers to a group of rare disorders characterized by inflammation of the thyroid neck. Localized pain occurs when the thyroid function be affected by a remotely located with cold intolerance, fatigue, weight gain and constipation edema infection. We remind that the volume 3 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” provides us with the wide endocrine diet with more details and recommendations for the implementation of a process of natural prevention through food.

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Definitely is the process for the urinary system, which plays an important role in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance of the body. Here the bladder is filled and clear amber liquid to the point that the nerves send signals to the bladder to contract, forcing us to go to the bathroom to expel the urine out of the body through the urethra. Nephrons in the kidneys back into the bloodstream proteins, salts, glucose, calcium and other nutrients selected our meals, to maintain an adequate level of blood composition. The kidneys also secrete hormones that regulate body functions such as maintenance of blood pressure and red blood cell production.

The color of urine plays an important role in medical analysis. For example straw yellow normal color indicating the presence of yellow pigment can change to pink, (like water washing meat) in cases of hemoglobinuria and indicates the presence of blood in urine, a wine over red indicates a serious state of jaundice in the liver bilirubin is verified. Are visible signs that alert us to receive medical care.

Diuretics are drugs used by urologists to increase the removal of excess fluid in the body and naturopathy are compared to plants with this property and also influence the endocrine and immune system. We recommend Volume 2 of revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS PLENITUD” that provides us with the wide urinary diet recommendations in more detail and compliance with a process of natural prevention through food.

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