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Current medicine classifies six components whose cellular activity directly interferes with the Immune defense of our nutrients within the bloodstream. Of these three components are different cell types, and the other three are a type of soluble protein. The three categories of immune cells are: Granulocytes, monocytes or macrophages and lymphocytes. Granulocytes are the most abundant nucleus cells in the blood and ingest the antigens that penetrate the blood.

Body, then use their powerful enzymes to destroy them thus representing the cells that will communicate to the system
the acquired immunity, once again come to attack us. Monocytes make up a small percentage of the cells, which when located in the tissues of organs and outside of blood circulation, transform into macrophages, developing powerful tentacles to catch the allergens. Lymphocytes are the most important cells of the immune system. There are the types of B lymphocytes that are responsible for the humoral or serologic immunity they produce Immunoglobulins, and T-types that are responsible for the cellular equilibrium by directly attacking the antigens and producing cytokines, destruction that becomes more effective when the person has already been exposed to the antigen.

The remaining three cells are the immunoglobulins, cytokines, and complement proteins that combine with a type of
antigen and contribute to its destruction. We remind you that Volume 3 of the revolutionary plan diet “12 DIETS OF PLENITUDE” provides us with an immunological diet that expands with more details and recommendations the fulfillment of a process of natural prevention through the feeding.

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Bearded men and formal style


They are places dedicated to the service of haircut and beard exclusive for men and short style for women, which still remain in some countries of the Mediterranean and Latin America where it has not yet been replaced by the unisex beauty salons.
vThe name of barber ‘comes from the treatment to the growth of the beard that from the old was made, and is the person in charge of the barber to shave, cut and condition the hair of the customers. A barber today must have a lot of manual precision and count on artist qualities to apply the diverse levels of court so that it obtains an excellent result and the expectations of its clientele, that it usually becomes frequent.
Among the functions performed by a barber or hairdresser are:
• Give daily maintenance to keep the razors in good condition, this means free of hair and oiled.
• Avoid reusing the disposable razors of those that are reusable as those of European import.
• You must have several combs and scissors to sterilize them permanently in primary grade alcohol, with a minimal dissolution, and antiseptic such as isopropanol.

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