Beauty Parlor and esthetic

There are also other variations of the type of business where you combine a beauty salon with a spa

It is a commercial establishment dedicated to offer various cosmetic treatments for ladies mainly and others similar for gentlemen. Among these are:

• Cut

• Tint

• Hairstyle

• Makeup

• Hair extensions, wigs and product sales.

The oldest reference we have about the existence of cosmetic hair care refers us to Egypt, where they began to make the most significant changes in terms of hair cosmetics. In that nation so culturally great, the town -as it happened in many others- was peeling its head, although not so priests and members of the ruling elite, who was dedicated to taking care of their hair playing with different hairstyles and tonalities. The wigs also had their peak, and traditional straight hair predominated, with bangs, cut very even in a length that reached the shoulders. But another great contribution of the Egyptians was in as to the color, since they discovered the usefulness of henna, which allowed them to obtain reddish colors and mahogany.

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