Among the diseases of the nervous system that are considered deficient and have been shown to be effectively
Treated by nutrition we find epilepsy. It is a chronic disorder of the brain characterized by convulsions or repeated attacks with loss of consciousness. It is believed that there is an inherited trait of predisposition to suffer it in idiopathic cases. In some cases the diet high in milk proteins has been shown to improve in patients. Its medical diagnosis is based on the use of the electroencephalogram that measures the electrical activity of the nerve cells in the cerebral cortex.

Stroke or stroke Stroke is another of the nervous diseases that science has contributed in recent years hopeful research regarding its effective recovery treatment. East regularly raised by an increase in the normal level of cholesterol in the blood which must be equal to or less than 200 mg / dl, which is another condition known as hypercholesterolemia that is associated with Obesity and overweight. This situation is aggravated when high blood pressure, smoking, Atherosclerosis and diabetes, so that from the moment the patient is diagnosed as hypertensive, he / she must treatment with antihypertensive drugs so that the risk of having strokes or heart attacks. So Myocardium


His signs are facial weakness, inability to speak, loss of bladder control and lateral paralysis. It has been repeatedly mentioned the ability of patients to improve this disease thanks to a high diet In oats and many fresh fruits which helps to improve the oxygenation of the blood to the brain. A related to post-stroke effects is aphasia, and it is the language disorder that affects expression and in motor aphasia compromises understanding due to brain injury Vascular

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