To recover from a flu there are a variety of over-the-counter drugs in the pharmaceutical market, But we do not always quickly notice its effects on our state of health after ingesting them. The most frequent and more economical is acetaminophen which is a painkiller that also lowers the fever, but the bad thing is that we have that dosificarnos with many pills to recover, putting our liver in danger in cases of people which present necrosis or death of a tissue tissue, according to recent medical reports of the region. Another of the medicines available in syrups and capsules, is chlorpheniramine which is a nasal degreaser and expectorant of great action when the flu or colds are accompanied of these symptoms like the lacrimation, mucus and phlegm.

At another level we find the antiviral drugs that combine amantadine with medicines mentioned above that are of medium price and demonstrate greater effectiveness against viruses that are very resistant to most medications and natural therapies. Scientists do not know how the amantadite; Is believed to have an anticholinergic effect and more recent studies have shown that blocks the action of glutamate, a brain chemical that triggers the production of free radicals. The Phenylephrine is an antiallergic used in case of rhinitis and pharyngitis when its state is produced by an agent allergen. When a virus invades a cell, it produces interferon, which in turn induces uninfected cells to make a protein that prevents the virus from multiplying. Almost every cell in the body can make interferons, which appear to act in the first line of defense against viral pathogens, since they occur with great speed. The production of interferon begins within a few hours of infection, while the production of antibodies takes several days. It is thought that interferon triggers other defense mechanisms, so recommends injecting with the strain of influenza virus H1N1 every year.

However, the therapies of external use with menthol and eucalyptus continue to be a millenary therapy of great acceptance. Extracted from the oil of mint leaves is a white and crystalline substance whose aromatic property exerts an immediate effect on the inflammation of the nasal mucosa applied to the skin on the nose, neck and back. We remind you that volume 2 of the revolutionary diet plan “12 DIETS OF PLENITUDE” provides us of a respiratory diet that broadens with greater details and recommendations the fulfillment of a process of natural prevention through food.

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