When ingesting the foods of our meals we do not count the times that each snack or food bolus must be chewed or crushed by our teeth, but it is recommended that they be at least 32 times. In the human, in addition to chewing, the teeth are directly involved in the articulation of the language, acting as a point of support against which the tongue makes pressure to emit certain sounds. Teeth also affect the dimensions and the expression of the face, whose appearance may be unpleasantly modified by the loss of a tooth or any irregularity in its growth or coloration.

Maintain habits such as the preference of a diet of hard foods, such as nuts, chicken bones and hard candy can seriously affect our teeth, so it is necessary to avoid them. Digestion is the process of transformation and absorption of foods that are digested by mouth. It starts from the moment we eat food with chewing in the mouth, which would not be possible without the intervention of organs such as the tongue, secretion of saliva by the salivary glands and teeth.
The glottis is the opening that exists between the ropes to prevent food from entering the trachea. When swallowing, the bolus of food descends through the esophagus; which is a muscular duct located at the lower end of the laryngopharynx, and above the stomach forming a intragastric pressure produced by involuntary movements called peristalsis that controls the medulla brain. The esophagus has several layers and a length that varies between 23 and 25 centimeters. When passing to the stomach, the food is received by the secretion of the gastric juice, which is an acidic liquid that secrete certain glands of the stomach membrane containing pepsin.

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