The nutrition pyramid has this objective, to demonstrate which groups require greater food supply and which should be kept low, for proven health reasons.
In the pantry or refrigerator of our house must reflect this greater provision in portions of vegetables and fruits, then continue to decrease in proportion cereals and legumes, following with the tea of medicinal herbs, then we find the red and white meats, the products derived from the milk and finally the desserts, snacks and processed snacks.
Complying with this order of portions is often too specific in the everyday practice when we subject ourselves to the real pyramidal environment.
The main mistake we make is not to plan ourselves with the anticipation necessary to predict what it is that makes us lack to eat to maintain balance. For example, there are vitamins in legumes that compare to meats, on the other hand the antioxidants of herbal tea are not provided elsewhere food and avoid many diseases, then find that our lunch or snack is invades desserts, snacks and processed snacks that contribute little to our well-being and health. My advice is that choose natural products in daily practice overcoming the barriers of subjection to your real pyramidal environment.

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