You pay special attention to the recommended daily of each food group is vital when we set our personal wellness goals portions. Nutrition pyramid has this objective, to show which groups require greater food supply and what should be kept low, for reasons of proven health.
In the pantry or refrigerator of our house should reflect this increased provisioning servings of vegetables and fruits, then they continue to decline in proportion cereals and legumes, along with herbal tea, then find the red and white meats, products milk and finally desserts, snacks and processed snacks. Comply with this order of portions is usually too specific in everyday practice when we hold the real pyramidal environment.
The main mistake we make is not planing with the necessary anticipation to anticipate what we need to eat to maintain balance. For example there are vitamins in legumes compared to meat, on the other antioxidants of herbal tea are not provided in any other food pyramid and we avoid many diseases, then we find that our lunch or snack is invades desserts, snacks and processed snacks that contribute little to our well being and health. My advice is to choose natural products in everyday practice overcoming barriers to hold you to your real pyramidal environment.

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